National Disability Insurance Scheme


LYFIT is one of the leading companies in Australia providing NDIS support & services in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. We help people with disabilities as well as elderly Australians to live life independently and to be fit for life.

Our strength is in providing you the quality care you deserve by using our team of experienced and dedicated support staff team to work with you in achieving your health and well-being goals. We take a “Fit for Life – approach to ensure you and your family receive quality care services to achieve your positive health and fitness well-being goals”.

LYFIT is about working with you and your loved ones in enhancing the quality of life. We endeavour to do this by listening and understanding your needs for care, healthy goals as well as increasing your community participation and social involvement within the community.

If you are an Australian Resident under the age of 65 with a permanent disability, LYFIT can not only assist you in providing the relevant NDIS approved services but we will support you in accessing NDIS services. LYFIT can also assist you to access NDIS which is a government funded scheme to support all Australians under the age of 65 with a permanent disability to provide personalised support and quality care

It’s your Choice and Control!

What is NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme which is a new way of providing services for Australians with disability, their families and carers. NDIS will help people with disability to achieve their goals by increasing their independence, community involvement, employment and improved wellbeing.

NDIS Eligibility and Access

If you are or care for someone who is

1. you must live in Australia and:

  • be an Australian citizen OR
  • hold a Permanent Visa OR
  • hold a Protected Special Category Visa, that is you
    • were in Australia on a Special Category Visa on 26 February 2001 or
    • had been in Australia for at least 12 months in the 2 years immediately before 26 February 2001 and you returned to Australia after that day.

2. Under 65 years of age

3. Permanent or significant disability which limits your ability to participate effectively in activities of daily living and/or capacity to participate in social and economic activities

NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) will assess your eligibility to receive NDIS services.

We can assist you in this process or you can directly call NDIA on 1800 800 110


LYFIT NDIS Support Coordinator

Assist you to get the supports in your plan started

Work with you to find mainstream services for you to access such as employment and education

Ensure that you are linked in to services you want and/or need

Work with you to develop skills and resilience

Parenting training

Respond to crisis

Build your skills and increase your capacity

Work with you to achieve outcomes

Assist you to work towards your identified goals

Core Supports Categories

Assistance with daily life

Accessing consumables

Accessing transport

Assistance with community participation

Capacity Building Covers

Learning how to cook

Learning how to dress oneself

Developing a daily routine

Learning how to catch public transport

Learning how to keep a house

Understanding personal safety

Learning how to bathe oneself

Building social skills

Working towards employment

Supported Independent Living

Lyfit can tailor a supported independently living model to your individual needs. There are many options to consider including:

Shared Living

Request home management

In home Respite

Independent Living

Costs and Fee for Service

The Cost for the approved NDIS supports and services can be covered and included in your NDIS plans and we charge only according to the NDIS NSW Price guide and at affordable rates which suit your financial needs. At this stage we only provide our services to Plan Managed and Self- Management NDIS Participants

For NDIS and Aged Care fees, feel free to send us a request for a quote on this website or email or give us a call for a customised quote for any of your above required supports and services.

Fee for Service:
If your NDIS plan or Home Care Package is not approved or you wish to purchase any additional services other than those approved in your plan, we can offer you a customised fee for service based on your needs.

If you are looking for an existing SDA property or wish to design and develop a new purpose built SDA property for you and call it a ‘Home’, contact LYFIT today for a free & confidential chat and we will try to ensure we make your dreams come true!
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